I started the BetterLifeMedical Weightloss program on June 4th and as of September 3rd I have lost 32 pounds so far!


My search for an Erectile Dysfunction Solution is OVER!!

I am a 68-year-old erectile dysfunction sufferer and found Tennessee Men’s Health while in a frantic internet search for an answer to my ever-increasing condition. Having to take E.D. Drugs for many years I was looking for a non-drug solution that would help restore spontaneity and performance. After reading numerous articles and testimonials about the Priapus Shot (“P” shot) I had great interest as a potential solution.

After discussions with a Medical Provider, I decided to proceed with the “P” Shot on my first appointment. The procedure itself is rather brief and only slightly above uncomfortable. The results for me have been astounding.

The simple procedure has given me a natural tumescent feel that is reminiscent of my youth. My erect length has increased from 4.9” to 6.5” an attribute readily noted by my wife. But the most wonderful of all is the return of sensitivity. The enjoyment had no doubt disappeared over the years; to have it return within 72 hours of the procedure was absolutely shocking.

This entire experience has restored my self confidence.


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