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Platelet Rich Plasma has actually been around for quite some time. Initially developed in the ’70s, PRP has been used in various medical procedures in order to help the body heal faster.

Newer PRP therapies include male sexual enhancement. Whether you are suffering from ED or not the P-Shot® Male P-Shot can provide a bedroom boost.

The following benefits can last up to a year:

  • Stronger, long-lasting erection
  • Increased blood flow and circulation
  • Improved sexual performance and stamina
  • Enhanced size and appearance of the penis
  • Increased sensation and pleasure
  • Relieves prostate discomfort
  • Relieves urinary incontinence

The process itself is quite simple. First blood is drawn from the patient, then the platelets are separated using a centrifuge, and finally calcium chloride is added in order to cause the platelets to release growth factors. When these growth factors are injected back into the patient they cause rapid healing.

Recently, medical professionals have discovered that these growth factors could be used for more than just helping a patient heal, they could also be used for regenerative purposes. This discovery has lead to PRP being used in a wide variety of procedures, and because it is the patient’s own blood that is used, there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction.


At Better Life Medical we also use PRP therapies for hair growth, facial rejuvenation, and to alleviate erectile dysfunction. Because PRP is a way to trick your own body into healing itself using your own growth factors, individuals who have not had success with previous therapies have renewed hope.

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