Todd W Ussery, MD

Board Certified in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology located in Knoxville, TN

About Dr. Ussery

Todd W Ussery MD graduated from the Medical College of Georgia and entered residency at the University of Florida in 1990. He followed residency with a fellowship in Pain Management at the University of Kentucky. He practiced both Anesthesia and Pain Management until he went full-time with pain management in 2012. He has travelled throughout the country and some foreign nations for work and volunteer ministry. He is double-boarded in Anesthesiology and Pain Management

Dr. Ussery does both medical management and interventional procedures to relieve the suffering of pain. He attends many conferences throughout the year to stay abreast of latest developments in the Pain Management field. At the foundation, though, he believes in strong principles of healthy living. Read more about Dr. Ussery‚Äôs philosophy of treating chronic pain in his book, Conquer Chronic Pain !, available on Amazon.